Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs Nurture

I’ve come to the conclusion neither of my boys will be following in my footsteps with their career paths. Yesterday my youngest spent 5.5 hours working on spring clean up in the yard. As proud as I was to see him doing physical labor outside, something I grew up doing, my enthusiasm was tainted knowing his only motivation for doing so was our refusal to get him a 400 dollar Virtual Reality headset!

“If you want it so bad figure out how to make your own money and go buy it!” we replied in response to his constant nagging.

They say necessity is the mother of invention which was quite apparent seeing him toiling away doing physical labor, something he normally avoids like the plague!

Neither of my boys are wired like me and, as frustrating as that might be for me at times, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They are both excellent students, rule followers and most of all happy! Things could be a lot worse my wife, in her infinite wisdom, reminds me when I find myself griping about how different kids are today than when I grew up!

I haven’t given up all hope yet though for Aquascape’s future. My 11-year-old nephew never isn’t outside, fish net in hand chasing turtles, fish, and frogs. Ask him today though what he wants to be and he will tell you he’s firmly committed to someday leading the Green Bay Packers under center

My kids are prime examples of Nature vs Nurture. Thank God everyone isn’t wired like me. It’s a big pond out there and we need all types! #findyourpurposeandliveit