Momentum: What is it and why is it important?

By Ed Beaulieu

There are a lot of analogies I can use to illustrate this phenomenon but since it’s fall and we’re in the midst of football fever, I’ll use a football analogy. This past Monday night’s game between San Fran and the Rams is a textbook model for momentum. The Rams dominated the first half!

The 49ers struggled to make anything happen but with only 15 seconds left in the half, Kaepernick connected with Lloyd on a deep pass and it turned into an 80 yard score! They were still down going into halftime but in that one instant the momentum changed! The third quarter started and the 49ers never stopped! They ended up crushing the Rams and it all started with one play.

So where’s the analogy? Aquascape and the Certified Aquascape Contractors have been down in recent years: bad economy, beaten up from lack of sales, employee challenges, you name it we were struggling just like San Fran. Nothing worked and the energy was low. As you all know we just finished our first TV series. I’m sad that’s over but … we just finished our first TV series!!! That’s like an 80-yard scoring drive with 15 seconds left in the half! The momentum has shifted; there’s an energy and engagement that I haven’t seen in a long time!

It’s halftime right now; we’re finishing projects and getting ready for 2015. We don’t know if we’re gonna get renewed by NatGeo but the momentum is ours to lose. That’s right, the 49ers could’ve easily lost the Monday night game if they started the third quarter with an interception or fumble, but it didn’t happen. They stuck with their game plan and the momentum carried them through the rest of the game. We need to keep our focus. The game isn’t over and with or without a second NatGeo season, the momentum is strong enough to keep us moving forward.

We had a solid winning team to start with, similar to the 49ers. You can’t take a losing or inferior team and have them win the Super Bowl on momentum alone. San Fran has a lot of weapons from Kaepernick, Gore, Crabtree, Boldin, etc. Greg and I just returned from the Dwell on Design conference in New York and we’re gonna have access to a new group of designers and potential customers. There will be reruns of the Pond Stars running between now and spring and our locator has been busy because of it! Greg has been interviewed by multiple magazines. I was on 7 Radio Morning Shows. Brian is more focused than I’ve ever seen him. Chris is finding his groove as our foreman. Our local crew is getting better by the day. Dave and Scott are heading to China to work on upcoming new products. Michelle, Jennifer and the marketing team are getting us in front of a new group of marketing and PR opportunities. Lisa was just hired to work with Tony so we can continue pumping out YouTube videos (that started the TV show), and the Certified Aquascape Contractor network is growing and working together as a Team.

I can go on and on! This is the momentum shift we need. Opportunities are opening up for us daily. Let’s stick with our game plan and trust me when I say, “We will win!”