Making the Most of Your ’15 Minutes of Fame’

Greg's Blog - 15 Min

I would like to start off with a small apology and a huge thank you! The apology is for everyone who has been subjected to my pond passion on social media ad nauseam! My enthusiasm for what I do is already over the top. Throw into the mix my promotion of the biggest thing to happen to my baby, Aquascape, with our Pond Stars show debuting on Nat Geo Wild and I’m afraid I’m guilty of blowing up Facebook with posts and updates that might not be interesting to all. Sorry to those of you who “Don’t like turtles” nearly as much as me. Hah!

The last 24 hours have been surreal. Not did we just have a show premier last night that we’ve been working diligently on for the last three years, but in many ways Pond Stars represents the culmination of my life’s work. I’d say that’s grounds for some introspection on my part. First and foremost I want to express my overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of my friends, family, teammates, customers and even my customer’s customers. It’s only because of your support that I’ve been able to live my dream. THANK YOU! I won’t turn this into an Oscar speech but please know this from the bottom of my heart; People drive me, “I like turtles” but I LOVE people! I have been able to meet, interact with and hopefully positively impact thousands of people from what I do as a profession. Ultimately it’s the joys of seeing people grow and helping them prosper that drives me. My little company that started out of my personal passion and my parents’ garage is now inspiring others to do the same. “Everybody wants a water feature, they just don’t know it yet!” Here’s to Pond Stars introducing more people to this wonderful and unique pond and water feature lifestyle while providing an honest day’s wage to those who create these paradises!

I want you to know that regardless of this show’s ultimate success, I won’t be changing. Besides being grounded by a wife far wiser than I, I also realize that life isn’t about getting your “15 minutes of fame.” In fact, a life truly lived, is a life lived for others. My wife is my rock. She’s the glue of our family. And every day she sacrifices what she could be doing for what she wants to be doing which is raising our two boys. What job can one possibly have that’s more important for our future than helping raise the future generation?! Every parent is either part of the problem or part of the solution. And every human being for that matter is either contributing or subtracting from society through their actions or inactions. Although, certainly a subjective barometer, I’d like to provide my perspective and indeed my personal barometer regarding being a contributing member of society. Having a television show does not in itself make one a contributing member of society (Keeping Up with the Kardashians.) However, whether or not you live your life focused on what you can get or what you can give, in my book is what will ultimately determine whether you subtract or add to the betterment of the human race.

I’m dedicated to giving all of myself to the Pond Stars reality show but not for the fleeting 15 minutes of fame it may provide me. Instead, if by me giving my all I can inspire or even just entertain others for an hour or so each week then I will be happy. That’s because I believe the greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping someone else reach their fullest potential. The key phrase there is “someone else.” I might not be as smart as my co-host Ed, or as funny as Brian, or maybe even as handsome as the dashing new guy, Chris, but here’s what I am: I am proud beyond belief for seeing all those guys being recognized with this show for who they are! They are the salt of the earth, grounded dudes who are amongst the most talented artisans in the world at doing what they do!

It’s been said that everyone gets “their 15 minutes of fame.” If you want to maximize yours, I say spend your time in giving back to others. If you do so trust me when I say, it will come back to you a hundred fold! #pondstars