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The incredible smiles are the first thing that jumps out to me from this picture. That and the arms around each other’s shoulders along with the requisite “thumbs up” prevalent at every Aquascape event. Do you think we are having an incredible amount of fun or what?!

Last week I got to play in the dirt and sling rocks around with some of the most incredible water feature artists from North America. When I announced we would be doing a second water feature at the personal residence of Jan and Diane Pol from The Incredible Dr Pol Reality show fame, Certified Aquascape Contractors came from near and far to be part of it. We filmed the whole thing for an episode of our digitally streaming reality show, Aquascape Pond Squad (Google it).

The one thing that stands out from this build, and every Aquascape Pond Build we have filmed for our show, is the incredibleness of the Tribe of contractors that come together to pull these things off! In two days we moved hundreds of tons of materials by having everyone engaged as a team to complete the project for one Incredible couple. With all Chiefs and no Indians that’s an incredible feat in itself!

“Everyone wants a water feature they just don’t know it yet!” If you have the incredibly unfortunate situation of sitting next to me on a plane and innocently asking me what I do for a living, it’s going be an incredibly looooong flight for you! Hah!

The reality is, I hope my reality of showcasing my passion for what I do to the world from Nat Geo Wild’s TV show Pond Stars to our web series Pond Squad, to even my blog or Facebook posts, inspires others to be equally inspired to do what they do, day in and day out. If that happens, it would be incredibly cool in my book! My world is so not about ponds (even though it could appear that way) and so much more about living life to the fullest with whatever it is you choose to do. Can you say “Carpe Diem?!”

I can proudly say that once again I worked with an incredible Tribe of people that live life to the fullest doing what they do. I’m sure there are plenty of other incredible people out there and even other groups as well that attack life with the same level of zeal and passion as we do, but it’s rare to find them doing it in a work setting. For that I feel incredibly blessed to be part of the Aquascape Tribe and I know I’m not alone in that regard.

Dr Pol was grinning ear to ear when we “gave birth” to his new; you guessed it, incredible waterfalls. We take great pride in creating yet another unique, work of art, one of a kind, incredible creation!

Just “another day at the office” for the most talented, most passionate and incredible folks I get the pleasure of calling my friends.

Who knows…maybe if you sit next to me on a plane or read enough of my posts you can become an incredible Pond Guy or Gal too? If not maybe you can be just a little more passionate doing whatever it is you’ve chosen to do for eight hours plus of everyday.

If that happens, than I would say, that’s INCREDIBLE!

Carpe Diem