How’s Living on a Deserted Tropical Island Sound?

How’s Living on a Deserted Tropical Island Sound?

I got to observe his almost nomadic lifestyle up close and personal for almost ten days. That’s how long we were on “his island” located in the middle of nowhere West Papua Indonesia.

No running water, electricity from a generator…that is when you can scrounge up the money for fuel AND there’s a boat to supply it! You sleep in a hammock and poop in an outhouse. You eat plenty of protein but it mostly comes from the sea with an occasional free range chicken thrown in for variety. And rice of course…lots and lots of rice!

He was our guide but more so he was just a happy man

Papa New Guinea

I know as much because I lived his life ever so briefly. Our camp was pitched next to his home.

To say it’s a simple life for him, his wife and his small child would be putting it mildly. No tv not even a phone. If he had a phone who would he call and if he did call someone what would they talk about?! The weather?…it’s either sunny or rainy!

It’s this simple existence that’s still mesmerizing to me now approaching a month after we last parted ways.

The grass isn’t always greener but I’m not so sure that indeed the ocean isn’t bluer in his part of the planet!

I miss him. Mostly though I miss the example of the life he leads. He was up before me and I’m sure in bed well after I was. Yet every morning he was not only smiling but doing it knowing he’d be carrying the heaviest loads all day as well. We may have been paying him but the most important thing for him was to be earning our respect each day.

Mission accomplished 

I want to tell his story and the stories of the rest of the cast and crew from my “Adventure of a Lifetime” for two reasons…

First, I don’t want to forget the experiences I had and what I learned from the things I did and the incredible people I met along the way. Second, I want every one of my friends who wants to, to be able to go on this adventure with me in the pictures, images and the stories I share.

I haven’t shared many at all so far because, frankly, I have so many it’s hard to know where to start! I’m starting with a photo and the story of our guide. I’m finishing this February with a video documenting my experience and observations.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my thoughts without having to live like a nomad to experience them. Then again you might just find your own deep thoughts through doing so!

Carpe Diem