Here’s One Fish Tale Worth Telling!

Every once in a while something so good and so cool happens that even news shows that feed off the negative, the dramatic and the sensational report on it. Such is the case with this seemingly too-good-to-be-true story involving the Casa Hogar orphanage.

This story struck a chord with me for personal reasons. I have been traveling multiple times a year to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, since 2004 as a faculty member of the American Leadership Academy. In September, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit Cabo devastated the area, including our long-time host hotel, Marbella Suites. In January, I will be hosting a group of Certified Aquascape Contractors for our 7th annual Cabomonium networking event.

When some of the attendees, hearing of all the challenges Cabo faced after the storm, began inquiring about what they could do to help, it prompted me to reach out to my friend Keith Cote. Keith is the founder of the non-profit LEAD222 and has been leading multiple mission trips to support the underprivileged who are often an afterthought to guests enjoying Cabo’s ritzy hotels.

One of the organizations LEAD 222 has supported through the years is Casa Hogar. Keith, knowing the soft spot I have for kids, sent me a link to the video of them winning the grand prize in the Bisbee’s fishing tournament and included a note: “Why don’t you build one of your Ponds for them?

What a great idea, I thought! So that’s why now, during the last week of January, a group of contractors from across the U.S. and Canada will converge on the Cabo orphanage to do our thing. All because of them being catapulted into the spotlight and onto my radar by winning a fishing tournament!

Now they will have their own pond to fish in or simply just reflect by. Not to mention a cool quarter million to fan themselves with as well. Hah! Pretty darn cool indeed. Something also tells me when we are done creating this pond the kids won’t be the only one’s smiling!