Get Better Not Bitter

Gregs Blog - Carla Sunset

Do you ever get to the point you feel like you just can’t take it anymore?! I do and I bet I’m not alone. I also know that if most people had a choice, they’d probably pick their problems over someone else’s. Weird but true! I know that the times I’ve grown most in my life were directly because of the storms I’ve been through. However, when I’m in the eye of the hurricane, personally or professionally, I have never been able to appreciate those trials and tribulations I’m experiencing. For that I also think I’m not alone.

I have enough faith, and gained enough wisdom, to know if I persevere during my trials while staying open for the learning, wisdom always eventually comes. Would you agree with that as well from your own life experiences? For your own sake I would hope so. The alternative to growth is to shrink, which is exactly what happens when you choose getting bitter versus getting better. I know this course of action is the road often taken in life by those feeling unduly scorned. The problem with that path though is the way the universe works. Get bitter, not better, and you’re going to find more often than not you’re digging your own grave.

Just as winning begets winning, losing begets losing. Double down on your negativity and more often than not you’ll just end up doubling your problems.

My favorite quote in life is “The definition of hell is a life without problems.” At first glance that’s counter intuitive to the max. Then when you peel things back to the core and look at the things you’re most proud of, how often is it something that came easy to you? No pain, no gain couldn’t be truer in further illustrating this point. The problem with problems is not in the problem. The problem is always with us. When we choose the easy road, the one lined in bitterness and self-pity, we become the very problem we loathe.

Ultimately when faced with the seemingly impossible, this thought is what keeps me soldering on; “Your attitude determines your altitude in life” Which means the choice is always mine whether I want to soar with eagles or scratch the ground with chickens. Rest assured getting better vs bitter always results in a better view.