Family and Friends – Now and in the End

I spent yesterday with friends. We came together to rally around a mutual friend fighting stage 4 cancer. He prayed he would have “a good day” and be able to hang with all of us…

He did

Here’s the thing that gives me chills (again) as I write this. He was soooo happy that we were so happy to be with him! He told us it meant the “world to him” that we came to visit and show our support of what he’s up against. I speak for all of us when I say that there’s not a place on the planet that any of us would have wanted to be other than right where we all were!

At the end of our lives, which could come today or 40 years from now for any of us, there is no debate from ANYONE facing the kind of challenge my friend Jamie is facing on what’s THE most important thing in life is…family and friends!

Today is a good day to reflect on that perspective. So is tomorrow.

Yesterday our group of mismatched pond contractors was only the latest in a long line of family and friends visiting and praying for Jamie. Jamie is simply reaping the benefits of a life spent showing love. We should all be so blessed.

It’s family and friends that matter most now and in the end whenever that end may come for each of us. Reflect on that perspective today and tomorrow and you too will feel the peace and love from the people who matter most to us…family and friends!