An “Incredible” Ride

An Incredible Ride - A Greg Wittstock Blog Post

In the last couple days I’ve designed water features for both Dr Pol, Americas favorite veterinarian, and another celebrity who’s amongst the Top Ten sports celebrities in the world (stay tuned!) Are you kidding me?! Here’s the coolest part…incredibly, its only just the beginning!

When our Reality Series Pond Stars hit the air last September we didn’t know what to expect. I never would have expected though what this show would mean to my little company… and the niche pond industry we are in. Pond Stars aired in millions of homes in over 50 countries across the world! Daily I still here from people all over the world who are tuning in and becoming fans of what we do for the first time. Our show exposed so many people who never thought of ponds to the water garden lifestyle I’ve been living, loving and breathing since 1982. It also exposed us to celebrities we never had access to before.

What began with Pond Stars filmed by someone else, we are continuing ourselves with Aquascape Pond Squad. We get to do what we do and how we like to do it for some incredibly cool people. And with our show we get to showcase to the world something we’ve know for what seems like forever…”Everyone wants a water feature, they just don’t know it yet” Aquascape Pond Squad, with the help of more and more celebrities, is changing that!

Tomorrow we debut an all new episode on our YouTube channel, Aquascape Pond Squad. We won’t be showcasing a celebrity build, we will be telling the incredibly cool story of 34 orphan boys living in an incredibly beautiful place we make even prettier called Casa Hoger in Cabo San Lucas. It’s just one of the many passion projects we’ve been afforded the opportunity to do, through the creation of a TV show.

I love what I do and I’ve never been busier doing it than I am right now. Because after all “Everyone wants a water feature…and now with Aquascape Pond Squad people are finally realizing it!