A Huge Smile and a Warm Embrace

At the age of 74, most people are happy just kicking back in front of the boob tube. The last thing they’d choose to be doing is taking the overnight shift guarding a bunch of inventory. Though that’s exactly what my friend Jim does every year for us at Aquascape when he works his “retirement” job as a security officer.

Jim and I have become friends over the years. But not just because he works the overnight shift and is there to greet me when I get to work. It’s how he greets me that won me over… with a huge smile and a warm embrace!

That’s why I was a little sad when he told me this would probably be his last gig with Aquascape. His wife has just retired and they finally plan on doing some much deserved traveling together. Before working as a security officer, Jim spent 30 years as a garbage man. If there’s one thing that could be said about Jim (other than his infectious attitude and joyful spirit) it’s that he’s spent entire life working hard. Hard work is something that used to be far more common than it is today.

What our world desperately needs is more men like Jim! That is … It needs guys that put on their pants, lace up their boots, and get after it every day. Bellyaching ain’t in his vocabulary, but coffee and lots of it to stay awake at work is!

Jim told me, “Don’t worry, Mr. Greg. I will still come by to see you folks for every sale. You guys have always treated me like one of the team.”

Any team would be fortunate to have a guy like Jim on their side. I will look forward to seeing him walking into our Fall Festival sale knowing exactly what I’m going to get…

A huge smile and a warm embrace!