A “Different” Perspective

A “Different” Perspective

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame is one of the view outspoken proponents professing the virtues of manual labor. He believes it should be mandated every College bound 18 year old should spend a year working in “the real world” before entering College. I concur!

College is perfect for some and not perfect for others. Yet still in today’s rapidly changing environment with more options then ever to learn in multiple ways earning a College degree still is, by far, the most societally accepted path to financial success.

The cost of higher education has never been greater, the return (good paying jobs) has never been lower. And employers (me along with EVERY business owner I know) has never been more desperate to find qualified people! Why then I ask is Mike Rowe’s suggestion that 18 year olds taking a “Gap” year between high school and College not being flaunted near and far?

I loved going to College! I majored in the three “F’s” Football, Fraternity and Females! College was a right of passage for many in my generation and even my parents for that matter. And when we graduated jobs were plentiful and student loans were minimal.

Not anymore!

As an employer of over 100 people who sees first hand College graduates entering the work force unprepared and in debt and frustrated having dutifully followed the path society scripted for them I don’t believe voices like Mike Rowe’s should be the minority.

Do you?

I ask all my fellow parents to consider what College has become (or specifically what it now costs) and ask yourself at what point do we as a society begin to acknowledge that College might not be the best most sure fire way of setting our kids up for financial freedom and ultimately happiness?!

Your perspective and insights are appreciated!