A Champion Cabo Couple

A Champion Cabo Couple

As beautiful as this picture is, it doesn’t come close to capturing the internal beauty of our precious friends the Noriega’s. There’s a whole other side of Cabo San Lucas MX that most never see. It’s there though, in the alley behind the bar, in the desert in a dilapidated mobile home or even on the beach when the sun goes down. It’s the underbelly of a tourist hot spot that would never pop up in your news feeds from your friends who visit this paradise at the tip of the Baja peninsula.

But, if you’re a kid growing up there in an orphanage you thank God for a man like Ramone. After all, without him who would have taken you fishing for your first time ever on an actual boat in the ocean?

When you are a man struggling with addiction issues and all the demons that accompany them, you have Ramone’s cell number to call. Unlike everyone else in your family who you’ve burned a hundred times over that refuse to answer your call, Ramone always picks up. Always!

That beautiful lady next to him isn’t arm candy or even his daughter. She’s his better half walking with him stride for stride and often leading right into a struggling couples home to counsel and pray with them…week after week, month upon month.

Cabo San Lucas isn’t a vacation destination for a week a year to party party party for the Noriega’s. It’s a 365-day mind numbing, soul searching God-glorifying work place where there seems to never be enough hours in the day to do what they desperately know needs to be done!

As the founding Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Cabo San Lucas that celebrated it’s one year anniversary on Sunday their life’s work is really just beginning. After all, they are surrounded by a sea of depravity hidden just out of view of the flocks of tourists and visiting cruise ships.

We cherish people like our friends the Noriega’s not for what they do for us but rather what they do for us all. They change lives and not just any lives. They fill a role that left unfilled would mean people would stay lost in their ways and lose the battle for their friends, families and sometimes quite literally their lives. That’s why their efforts have generational impact and possibly even eternal.

It’s a privilege and an honor to support their work. They need all the support they can get to transform one of the most beautiful places on earth on the the outside, to become an even more beautiful place on the inside!

Godspeed to you Noriega’s. Cabo needs you!