The End Is Near!

The combustion engine that revolutionized transportation and transformed our society is officially giving way to the electric motor. Elon Musk of TESLA went out on a limb, put his money where his mouth was, and out innovated, out hustled, and out thought the world’s largest corporations…and WON!

Once again, it’s an entrepreneur who was at the wheel innovating a disruptive technology that will replace the status quo of an entire entrenched industry.

Every innovator does it differently because every innovator is different by their very nature! The very same nature that society too often deems less than acceptable. “Paint inside the lines,” teachers tell them in school. “Follow the status quo,” managers directly or indirectly instruct them on the job. Even well intended but frustrated parents, unable to control them, often turn to Ritalin in a desperate attempt to get them to conform.

Steve Jobs listened to no one and did it his way always, much to the chagrin of a world that wanted him to do it “their way.” Can you imagine how different our world would be today if Jobs had ears to listen to all his critics?!

Here’s the moral of this piece… “Society” can’t demand greatness to fit into a box of what greatness looks or, in particular, acts like. The way Steve Jobs acted with his employees, by anyone’s count, was not acceptable in the traditional sense. News Flash; nobody ever called Steve Jobs traditional! Or Elon Musk conventional! Or Henry Ford orthodox! Simply put, you can’t benefit from the “madness” and then criticize the methods that delivered the results you benefit from!

The sooner we understand that our heroes, by nature, are more flawed than us, then the sooner we can stop trying to get them to fit into society’s artificial box of what success should look, sound, and act like.

Pray for them, sure. But tell them to act like everyone else and we’ll all be burning fossil fuels till the day it’s all gone.


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