Winning Begets Winning

Winning Begets Winning

I want to win. Who doesn’t? But because everyone wants to win, by default, winning is hard.

“When you hang out with winners you become a winner, when you hang out with melons you become a melon” -Rocky Balboa


Brad Barton is a winner. Here’s the video clip of him SMASHING the American Masters 1500 meter record on Sunday at the Olympic Trials. He’s racing with guys 10 years his junior and still bested 8 of them while besting the American record for his age group.




In two weeks he’s racing to try and become the fastest man in history in the world over 50 to race a mile.


Brad has been a winner his whole life and “surprise” he’s still winning!


I want to hang with winners. I want to pick up all I can by osmosis on how they think, what they do, and who they are. I want you to do the same. Thats why even though Brad is not an official speaker I’ve invited him once again to hang with us at Pondemonium. How often do you get to hang anywhere with anyone who’s the best in the world at their craft?!


That’s what Pondemonium is all about right there. Aquascape is the best in the world in the water feature game supporting customers who are the best in the world at their choosen craft.


Everyone who comes will be better off for it. That’s why I want everyone to come!


Hope you’re as excited as I am about participating in the biggest event in the world for water feature professionals. And hanging with Brad, Jim O’Connor, Brian, Ed and other top professionals in the world.


6 weeks and counting!!! #pondemonium