Who Do You Think Stormed the Beaches?

Who Do You Think Stormed the Beaches?

I learned way way more about life and even business playing sports than I ever did in the classroom.

Teamwork, hard work, goal setting, culture, competition, winning and particularly losing.

My football coach was a master motivator and loved (yes loved) every player who played for him. Our efforts usually reflected his feelings for us.

Last night I got to host a Wheaton Academy across Country Team Lock In at Aqualand. Dodgeball, Wallyball, Soccer, Basketball, Capture the Flag and of course Swimming! And boy can they eat!!! It was exhausting but also a blast! I also seized the opportunity to share my perspectives as a middle aged businessman about how important the skills you gain outside the classroom are for your life.

“Who do you think our Country sent in to storm the beaches at Normandy…the scholars or the former Varsity Athletes?!” I asked them all

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on getting good grades. The work ethic required to be a scholar will serve you well in life. After all, you should give your all in everything you do! But focusing on your GPA to the exclusion of extracurricular activities and all that comes with them under the illusion that’s how to succeed in life is a fallacy I want every young person to hear especially because very very few have ever heard it


These kids will all remember last night, the fun they had, the memories they made, the bonding that occurred. Their efforts on the field will surely be better off for it.

Here’s to a great season and the development of the applicable life skills that come from the activities they do while they are receiving their formal education.