What I Wish He Would Have Said

What I Wish He Would Have Said

I wish these were the first (and last) words out Trumps mouth last night. And yes…I’ve always been a dreamer!

“Lester…I know you want me to talk about what I said about the Iraq War, why I pursued, ad nausea, finding out if Obama indeed had a birth certificate, if and when I will ever release my personal tax returns and finally a class action lawsuit from 1973. 1973!

I get it.

EVERYTHING I’ve ever done or even been accused of doing has been up for debate since the day I choose the treacherous path to lead the most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

That’s fair.

But regardless of what others choose to focus on, despite what they believe or don’t believe about my past, or even whether they think they might like me or not if they actually had the chance to truly know my heart, I’m running for the President of the United States for ONE, SIMPLE, REASON


I love OUR country and I want to see it whole and healthy again the way it was, and the way I’m convinced it can be again, with proper MANAGEMENT.

Am I the right man for the job? That’s not for me to decide now is it? What I will say is this…I’m NOT a politician (long pause for applause as Lester admonishes the audience) I’m not a talker I’m a doer. I’m not good at spending other people’s money. I don’t break the law I simply follow the law politicians put in place and are now trying to spin it to look like I cheated you by “finding their loopholes”

I’m not opposed to ending any loophole as long as it results in the only damn thing that matters here…A vibrant and flourishing country just like the one I had the awesome privilege of growing up in!

But Lester, since you and so many others want to know about all this other meaningless stuff let me DIRECTLY answer your question (nice tie by the way)

On Iraq, I did support sending troops in. I also didn’t support sending troops in. I’m on record for saying both. In that regard I guess you can say I’m waffling which, sadly, makes me no better than every other politician who’s ever lived. Truth be known I’m an American but also a life long New Yorker. When those bastard terrorists attacked us in the heart of my hometown nonetheless, I would have picked up a gun that the second amendment still allows me to have by the way and marched right alongside our troops over there if that’s where I thought they were hiding! But, unlike the politicians of the day I didn’t have access to all the information they did. Like every other American I learned the facts as they came out and coupled with my raw emotion, I waffled on what was the best strategy to take. If I had all the facts I’d like to believe I would have made a different choice than the politicians who were in charge at the time.

As for pursuing Obama ad nausea over his birth certificate I wasn’t alone in my questioning of whether he was a legal citizen. When I think someone is trying to hide something I’m like a dog with a bone sniffing it out. That trait has saved me a lot of money in business. Sometimes I can take it a bit far but frankly, I’d rather apologize for being wrong than be taken to the cleaners by an illegitimate person. I maybe pushed a little to far but he’s a big boy after all. With that said Mr Obama please accept my apology. The next round at Trump National is on me (You’re on your own for drinks though, I still have to keep the lights on in the joint!)

As for my releasing of my personal taxes I’m going to do that immediately following this debate. I’m kicking myself for not just swallowing the damn frog (get my little pond reference hee hee  ) and doing it last April. Honestly, I didn’t because I knew no matter what story they told my detractors would find a way to spin it for their agenda. I’m a businessman NOT a politician. I don’t understand these games and frankly voters should be glad of that. Once I assume office this kind of nit picking baloney that keeps politicians focused on stuff that doesn’t matter is going to end! In business you are paid to focus on deriving results. They can keep their baloney and add my tax returns to them! While they are focusing on me, my taxes, and everything else that doesn’t make us one damn bit better I can focus on what I love to do and that’s turning this ship around!

And finally, as for that class action lawsuit from 1973 that’s attempting to paint me as a racist here’s what I have to say. I’m a lot of things to a lot of people but anyone who knows my heart knows I’m not a racist! For the record I’m not a bigot, or a chauvinist either. Why? Because I’m not an idiot (or a politician)


I don’t discriminate on principle. If you’re white, black yellow, straight, gay, bi, male, female or gender-neutral if you can produce and be part of a high performing team I want you on my TEAM!

I want to make money!

I want to succeed!

Therefore I want anyone and everyone who wants to further their lot in life and is willing to work their tail off to make it happen. On the flip side if you’re on the government dole and sitting on your bums get ready to go to work to receive those BENEFITS going forward. There’s way to much garbage around needing to be picked up and maybe putting you to work picking it up will teach you how to pick yourself up in the process!

Speaking of work if you elect me as your President I will work harder, longer and more fiercely than any President before or after me! In fact, to assure I do just that I’ve hired Tim Tebow as my trainer the hardest working man I know! Tebow doesn’t quit and his wholesome values are just the kind any President would benefit from emulating.


✌️️That’s what I wish would have come out of his mouth.

It didn’t and sadly probably won’t ever 

I love our country. I hate this racism that divides us, the values that are escaping us and the lack of winning that used to beget us.

With all that said my two minutes is up. Back to turtles ponds and puppies for me.

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