What Happens at Cabomonium Comes Back From Cabomonium!

I was talking with a pretty serious business guy who happens to be in the pond business. I was asking him if this year was finally going to be the year he made Cabomonium, our winter customer event. He said “I have to be honest with you; I’m not into the whole party scene. I come to Pondemonium to talk to, and learn from, other business guys and see what you guys are doing in Chicago.” BINGO! I couldn’t have said it better myself! That’s what Cabomonium is all about. Networking on a much deeper level with people who are on a higher level with their businesses than what you get at Pondemonium. Pondemonium has 400 plus people, Cabomonium is more like 50. Everyone there is an owner, they all are primarily pond businesses and everyone wants to take their business to the next level. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good times to be had in Cabo too, but if you choose to do any of the optional excursions like fishing, or swimming, with the whale sharks you will be doing it while talking shop with other top professionals in the trade.

Where else but Cabomonium do you get to hear the wisdom of a man, Jerry Nelson, who started over 40 businesses?

Relaxing alongside the Sea of Cortez, there is something for everyone at Cabomonium!

Here’s how valuable I feel Cabomonium is. This year the entire Aquascape management team will be attending. Why? One word…YOU! If you’re an Aquascape customer who cares enough to invest a grand or two (depending on your flight costs and options) to be in Cabo I want our top brass there with you.

What’s one-on-one time with Ed, or Brian, or The Pond Guy worth to your business?

What happens in Cabo comes back to the states and Canada in spades! Not only will I have my iPhone camera ready to capture it all as always but the networking, the learning, and the bonding is second to none for any event we run. Why wouldn’t I want our top people at Aquascape exposed to that and why wouldn’t you want to be rubbing shoulders with other top people in our field as well?! Speaking of top people both the 2011 and 2012 Aquascape Businessmen of the Year will be there in Tony Sargeant and Mike Gannon.  They feel it’s worth their time and money to be there. They want to stay ahead and Cabomonium is one of the ways they plan on doing it.

From turtles to whales Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is a magical place where memories are made.

One final Cabomonium thought. There is a reason we host the event at the Marbella Suites. It’s a small boutique hotel on as beautiful a beach as exists anywhere. But besides eating and sleeping and our one day dedicated to our official meeting, we will be hanging together at an exclusive compound 300 yards down the beach. The key word is together as 90% of the value of Cabomonium is the time we spend together. Simply put, if you’re not staying at the host hotel you miss 90% of where the action is. It’s the one-on-one chats with the fellow attendees and all the Aquascape top brass that makes Cabomonium, Cabomonium. Of course hearing all this, the driven business man I was talking to signed up on the spot. And now I’ve just said the same thing to you that I’ve said to him. If you liked what you heard then what are you waiting for? Sign up today for Cabomonium and you just might find yourself the Aquascape Businessman of the Year in 2013.

This is Cabomonium! We’ve got a seat for you by the fire this year.