The Pond Mom and the Leadership Boot Camp

The Pond Mom and the Leadership Boot Camp

I might as well start my daily Pondemonium reflection pic with how we officially started Pondemonium last Weds. By all accounts, even historically pessimistic Steven Shinholser‘s The Leadership Boot Camp was an eye-opening success. I knew it would be but getting to that point was anything but easy!


My mom might be a High I (people person) but when it comes to preparation for something she’s in charge of she’s a High “C” (detail oriented) I am most certainly not gifted with any C! The friction between us “preparing” for this event happened almost immediately. When Tony Alcala and I previewed her videos that came with the presentation we both thought the same thing…boring!

I immediately said to Tony “lets film our own version of these” to which Tony replied “Cool”

Case closed for me with my “D” (dominant) style while the panic door just opened for my mom And her “C” wiring

She was losing control of an event she was tasked with pulling off. “Chill mom it’s going to be great” (sensitivity for others is not a “D’s” strong suit)

Of course it was great and the videos we filmed were way more relatable for our audience. But the process to get us there was anything but easy for my mom and for me (especially when she stole Tony and filmed the guys on a job without me knowing)

Classic “D” “C” clash

However, our shared values and mutual love and respect for one another prevailed and we worked through it as always. To say I was proud of her at the end of the day is an understatement!

If you missed the cut-off date to register for this day or want to send other people from your team we will be offering this exact class next year for sure! In the meantime anyone can always just take the online assessment and review it on their own with their teams.

Just private message my mom.

I think it’s fair to say that LEADERSHIP training of one sort or another will be a regular occurrence at Aquascape events in the future. After all, WE are Leading the Change for an entire industry.

Carpe Diem