The Greatest Coach Ever?!

The Greatest Coach Ever?!

I know very little about woman’s basketball but a lot more about it’s unarguably Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) Coach.

Geno Auriemma the Head Coach of the UConn Huskies will be trying to coach his team tonight to its one hundredth consecutive win. 100th!

With 11 National Championships and 7 Coach of the Year honors Geno might not only be just the best female basketball Coach ever, but also just the plain best Coach ever (sorry “Zen Master” Phil Jackson, UCLA legend John Wooden, Lady Vols great Pat Summit or even Super Bowl Champ Bill Belichick)

Who else would you include in this G.O.A.T. discussion?!

Whomever you might add to my debatable list I bet they have the same few winning traits in common that all highly successful coaches do…

* Hardest Coach every player has ever had at pleasing in their careers (yet they’d all still all take a bullet for him or her)

*Perfectionists who break everything down to the smallest details (leaving no stone left unturned to trip over)

*They never allow their teams to look past any opponent or situation regardless of the other teams record (It’s David vs Goliath every night and they always find some psychological ploy to get their teams feeling they’re always “David”)

*And possibly the most important trait pulling up every player on their squad to a level unimaginable to each one individually! (thus building a total and complete TEAM)

Tonight I will be watching a College woman’s basketball game with one overarching goal…to see a man at the top of his profession do his thing!

Not everyone will be watching the game with my eyes tonight. All of us though can learn a thing or two about winning regardless of the arena in life we compete in.

Whether it’s sports or business, Boy Scouts or even your family, these common winning traits are applicable to every individual leading any high performing TEAM.

Go Huskies! Go YOU!