Success (and exhaustion). Act Like Men Palooza

Act Like Men Palooza

How do you even begin to describe “The Greatest Event in Human History?!” Mud wrestling would be a good way to start! With over 800 men spending three days camping and competing in the woods of central Michigan together though, maybe describing what didn’t happen would be easier (like no one was mediflighted outta here!  )

As important as the competitions were for bonding they weren’t the reason we were here.

This was about going deeper into our shared faith. As Men who lead our houses, spouses, families and selves, investing three days of time to strengthen the platform we operate off of was a needed respite for us all.

What made this time for me extra special was the opportunity I had to share it with my soon to be 16 year old son and his cousin, my 20 year old nephew. When I was my sons age, a man, my high school football coach, poured into me and instilled in me the foundation of faith I rely on today. I don’t know where my life would be without that. I’m wanting to help those I love also have a solid platform to build their own lives off of too. In that regard this weekend was a success. Guiding our team to a solid second place showing in the games didn’t hurt either!

I’m a blessed man in many many ways. Knowing that is a blessing in itself. Here’s to these two young men knowing how lucky and loved they are and building their own lives off an unsinkable foundation as well!