Pondemonium, It’s Not About You, Even though It Is

People who have been to Pondemonium get it. Customers who have been doing business with Aquascape over the years have learned it too. But the rest of the industry doesn’t understand because it’s not who they are. In fact they refer to it as “drinking the Kool aid.” But Pondemonium is the manifestation of what Aquascape is all about. Pondemonium is a party of the most passionate pond guys and gals, retailers and contractors, distributors and teammates all coming together for a few days in August for one reason. All of us, despite working more or less as lone wolves 51 weeks a year are part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s easy to forget when you’re nose to the grindstone week after week, month after month, year after year.

Pondemonium 2012 – Reinvet Yourself To Win The Battle

Pondemonium has been described by those who come as a family reunion, a shot of adrenalin, a celebration and an acknowledgement that you aren’t the only one out there fighting the good fight. If you don’t think those things are valuable to your brain, your heart and your psyche. than you simply refer to it as “drinking the Kool aid” and place your face back firmly on the grindstone.

Sad. Life’s too short not to absolutely fricking love what you do! But if you’re doing it for you, you are missing out on what truly makes a successful life. Pondemonium isn’t about you or even Aquascape for that matter. Pondemonium is about others. It’s about the first-time attendee you can relate to and show them the ropes. It’s about the foreman or store manager you reward with a trip to Chicago and all of a sudden they can envision a career in an industry they didn’t know even existed when they answered the classified ad for your business. It’s about very real and genuine conversations about what you’re doing that’s working in NJ that someone in California is going to go home and implement. You know how gratifying that feels?! If you do than you probably have been to Pondemonium where those types of conversations make connections that don’t typically happen the other 51 weeks out of the year.

Pondemonium 2011 – Building the Future Together

Life’s too short not to live it to the fullest. Every year I hear one of two things from people when it comes to whether or not they are going make it to Pondemonium. Nobody ever says they don’t want to come. Rather, they say “we can’t afford it” or “we can’t afford to miss it.” Guess what I see too, year after year? The people who believe they can’t afford it can’t find enough money to make it year after year, and the people who believe they can’t afford to miss it find a way to be here year after year. Hmmmm. Life happens when you’re making other plans.

Pondemonium 2010 – Back To Basics

Pondemonium 2008 – World’s Most Extreme Pond Build

Aquascape exists because of Pondemonium. It also exists because of our seminars and YouTube, even Facebook and possibly a reality TV show. Aquascape exists to do anything and everything to help our customers succeed at building, selling and retailing water features. In essence, Aquascape exists for others’ success. If that makes us successful in the process we all win. But it doesn’t start with us even if it ends with us or you.

If your business is about you, you won’t be able to afford Pondemonium, year after year. But if your business is about your customers, your teammates, your fellow businessman or Certified Aquascape Contractor a thousand miles away or one town over. then you will be at Pondemonium. It won’t be about you even though it is. Because when you make it about others, it comes back to you ten fold. If you want to be successful therefore don’t make it about you. But do make it to Pondemonium.

See you there, there’s a guy in California or conversely New Jersey waiting to meet you!

The Pond Guy