Pondemonium 2013

Last week I wrote about our winter training, and networking, retreat Cabomonium. I expressed how the need for recharging at Pondemonium, and refueling at Cabomonium, should be a vital part of your business plan. In just a matter of weeks the season will hit and your 2013 business plan will be turned to implementation mode. So it begs the question, do you have August 22nd to 25th circled in red on your calendar? Do you have the expenses to attend accounted for in your training budget? Have you conveyed to your managers what sales will need to be at, for them to earn a pass to Chicago? If you answered yes to all three of those questions you will be amazed “having the time” and “having the money” to attend will probably take care of itself. If you’re simply hoping to “have the time” and “having the money” to make it this year you might as well start planning on 2014. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Use Pondemonium as a motivator, a carrot for your foreman, or manager, and an incentive for you to hit your plan, and reward yourself, with the best investment possible, an investment back into yourself!


Dr. Jack Groppel “The Corporate Athlete”


Have some fun while you learn to earn.


Speaking of yourself, this year’s theme might just hit you right in the gut “Fit for the Fight.” Where’s your fitness level at for running your business? Are you running it, or is it running you? There are so many analogies between fitness, and your business, and you’re going to get all of them at this year’s Pondemonium. You don’t just wake up and run a marathon. You put a plan in place that you execute daily, weekly, and monthly until you’re fully prepared to run the race. Do you have a plan in place for running your business daily, weekly and monthly? You can’t sprint a marathon either which is what many business owners wake up every day doing, and collapse at the end of every night because of it. And ironically it’s these “sprinters” who never have the time, or coincidentally the money, to attend the Pondemoniums and Cabomoniums. You can’t help people that can’t help themselves. But you can help those who are ready, and willing, to put in the work to help themselves. Pondemonium 2013 “Fit for the Fight” is for those who are ready to do just that. If you’re tired from sprinting a marathon, if you’re looking to set a goal that motivates you, and your key team members, and rewards you, and them, with an investment in yourself and them. If you’re looking for that energy boost to finish the fight you have been at since spring then be here, in Chicagoland, August 22nd to 25th!


So circle the calendar, put your budget plan in place, get your team accountable for hitting the goals, and work your ass off to succeed so you will be “Fit for the Fight!”


“Excuses” – The Pond Guy


“No Excuses” – Kyle Maynard


Set your goal NOW! Register on-line at and work your plan! See you in August!


Everyone should be fit for this fight!


Who knows, you might just get to “show off” how fit you really are on stage in front of 500 of your newest friends!