My Vlogging Journey on YouTube

One year ago today I launched my YouTube Channel. It was a rash decision in response to an opportunity I knew intuitively I needed to capitalize on.

When 22 year old YouTube sensation Logan Paul mentioned he wanted a koi pond on his channel my phone literally blew up! I sort of knew of him but little did I know how much this wonder kid would change my life!

Within 48 hours of Logan’s Vlog about wanting a pond I was designing one in his backyard! How I made that connection and so many others since is a story in itself. On Dec 6-7 I was back, along with 40 of my friends from near and far, creating an incredible pond for a charismatic young man in his 6,000,000 dollar mansion outside of LA!

Folks, there’s a whole other world out there that I’ve only just begun exploring and let me tell you … IT’S MIND BLOWING!!!

Greg Wittstock on YouTube

One year into the journey that began this day there’s no end in sight! Vlogging and passionately bringing awareness to decorative water features is my job now as the CEO of Aquascape.

“I ❤️ MY JOB!”

Logan’s pond that launched this journey