My vlog today is from Logan Paul’s house. Why? Because Logan Paul is OWNING the internet (and he’s got an awesome pond)!!!

As a person and the owner of a company that receives its fair share of criticism, I know there’s three sides to every story. With that said, I think YouTube is swimming in uncharted waters and is in over its head. Logan Paul is the platform’s second biggest money earner. YouTube suspending his earnings will quiet some of their critics … for now.

YouTube looks and is acting like ‘Big Government’ TRYING to arbitrarily shape the world through policy. ?

Censored for tasering a dead ?

YouTube becoming the P.C. police equals an IMPOSSIBLE AND FUTILE TASK…but it makes for good P.R.

Like him or hate him, Logan is who Logan is. If he was any other way (you know, the way we all think he should be), HE WOULDN’T BE LOGAN PAUL!!! At the end of the day, he’s a 22yr old content creator who creates content exactly like a 22yr old thinks and acts…DUH!

I like Logan. I like his work ethic, his energy, his charisma, his gratitude for what we gave him that EVERYONE who actually was there and met him felt and yes even his animals, including his turtle pancake. As for giving CPR to a fish, well, um, it’s a fish and good content (sorry PETA).

Today’s vlog with Logan is a smart marketing move for Aquascape. It’s also a smart marketing move for Chad Morrill, which is why he produced one too! Logan’s vlogs this week, which feature Chad, me, and his ponds, have been viewed over 17 million times.


The YouTube ?‍♀️ are smacking Logan and his 1.2 million dollar revenue stream down (for now). Because of that, Logan’s brand will get even more main stream media exposure, including this article TALKING about his fish.

Here’s to Chad’s beautiful Butterfly Koi (from his personal collection) not needing CPR anytime soon!

…and to Logan Paul for showcasing our awesome Aquascape ecosystem pond to a larger and larger audience