The Kind of Man Our World Needs More Of

When I saw him after work loading up a bunch of boxed toys into his trunk in the Aquascape parking lot I knew I didn’t have to ask but I still did “Whatcha up to now Roberto” I inquired? “Just getting inventory for a garage sale” he replied without even looking up. Turns out Toys R Us was clearing out inventory and he picked up a ton of stuff he was planning on flipping for a profit.

That’s my friend Roberto the consummate hustler!

I am honest enough with myself as a business owner to know I am the world’s worst negotiator! That’s okay though because I’ve got Roberto! In the 16 years he’s managed our warehouse and facilities, he’s bought every single vehicle I’ve owned (and a ton of other people’s who work here, too!) Roberto … every car salesman’s worst nightmare.

A few years back when his oldest was going off to college, Roberto got a second job working weekends as a bouncer. The last time he was a bouncer he had a giant Afro and Mr. T. was his sidekick! He needed the extra cash though to put his kid through school so he worked all day M-F then worked all night Friday and Saturday, too! He took a 6 month “vacation” when his son finished school but went right back to bouncing when his second child started college. With two more still in high school, he’s going to be burning the candle at both ends for awhile.

Roberto has been the primary provider for his wife and four kids and even extended family members who’ve turned to him for help over the years. In between it all, he also made time to coach all four of his kids in sports. He’s always moving, always looking for opportunities to be of service, and of course always hustling to provide for his family. Our world needs a lot less entitlement and a lot more Roberto, that is, people who figure out what needs to be done and than even more impressively go out and get it done!

Roberto is the kind of teammate every company needs. He’s the type of husband and father every family needs. And finally, he’s the personification of a work ethic that few possess but all would benefit from. Simply put, Roberto is the kind of man our world needs more of!

Roberto Cosme