The Hardest Job that Requires the Most Help

Sadly, as we see far too often, not every man who has children is worthy of being called a father. For those of us who do strive to be good Dads, we’ve learned every kid is different and not a single one comes with an operating manual! I learn more and more everyday about how to parent my two boys whether I want to or not. And just when I think I’ve got it figured out I am reminded by my wiser, better half that what works with one, more often than not doesn’t work with the other!

For everyone who’s like me, striving for answers to vexing parenting questions, there is one manual that I believe contains all the answers we seek. I’ve found though that the answers to those questions usually start with questions about myself that aren’t always comfortable to acknowledge.

However, when you’re with other like minded MEN who all accept that their best efforts fall short, it’s a lot easier to get better faster, which is something I strive to do.

In this manual it states in Proverbs 27:17 “As Iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” That’s why I took myself and my oldest son this last weekend to be amongst 1400 MEN strong enough to admit they don’t have all the answers. Though all of us agree on where we can find them.

It was three glorious days in the woods; camping, competing, and confiding in one another about where we fall short. For some this might feel uncomfortable, for many others (including me), I feel stronger when I admit where I’m weak.

My anger will only continue to control me if I choose not to seek help in controlling it. I did, I will, and I know, that being the parent I desire to be starts with being the MAN I need to be.

THE hardest job is always ourselves! I find the help I need in my faith and with other MEN who acknowledge what I do. That is…

If you want to be a good father it starts for us at least, with reading the operating manual written for you!

Proverbs 3:5