Coach Rex

Last night I was honored to be able to speak to the Naperville North Football Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCA and Football were the two most powerful experiences that shaped me as a person during high school and in many ways to this day.

Neither would have been as powerful or maybe even possible if not for Coach Rex.

The first time we locked eyes was the summer of 1984 when I was an incoming freshmen who was thinking about playing football. It felt like he never took his eyes off me for the next four years of my life!

“Men, stick with me and stick together and you will be champions”

I bought what he was selling hook line and sinker!

32 years later the Coach Rex legacy lives on in me and thousands upon thousands of others.

Tonight I will be in the stands at Rexilius field watching the young impressionable men I spoke with last night battle my alma matter. All of them are starving for the kind of role model Coach Rex was on and especially off the field.

Something tells me Rex will be watching. Something also tells me he won’t give a hoot about the final score of the game.

It’s what these men do off the field and where they spend eternity that always mattered most to him.

Everyone should be as blessed as me to have had a Rex in their lives.

Go Falcons, Go Huskies, Go God!

 greg football