Be Happy Now!

One year ago today this smiling lady collapsed at work. A fast thinking and concerned co-worker thankfully ignored her pleas and called 911. An MRI revealed the cause of four years of escalating headaches, short-term memory loss, and fading vision. Donna had a gigantic tumor spanning a quarter of her brain!

After a 12-hour emergency surgery, a round of radiation and a long recovery at home, Donna Coleman is back at work, tumor free and best of all the happiest she’s been in the 17 years she’s worked at Aquascape!

The American Association of Retired People (AARP) surveyed its members on what one piece of advice they’d give to future generations. The number one response from those who’ve walked before us was…”BE HAPPY NOW!” Not when you win the lottery or get that promotion you deserve but rather just be happy now as in today baby!

Donna Coleman is a living, breathing, smiling testament to that perspective. As she puts it she was not a very happy person before her life changed forever for the better with her diagnosis. The problems of life had tainted her view. In her own words she “smoked and drank and cursed like a sailor” Today she’s kicked her nicotine habit, rarely drinks and wakes up every day with a smile of appreciation for the little things that were always there but stayed blurred behind whatever current frustration she was facing.

Not anymore!

Her diagnosis and recovery were the impetus for the family she always took care of to begin taking care of her. She saw the fruits of her efforts as a mom in seeing how her three daughters and husband rallied behind her. She still cry’s today recalling it.

Don’t wait till your ship comes in to be happy. Happiness is a choice that usually comes with a new perspective. Donna has the scars on her head and the smile on her face to prove it!