A Winning Perspective

Greg and Mike Powell

And people think I’m intense?! This is my new buddy Mike Powell. He was a state champion wrestler, a collegiate All American and most impressively the current National Champion coach of Oak Park River Forrest’s high school wrestling team.

I met Mike after watching an ESPN documentary on his life last year. We hit it off immediately. I asked him to please share his philosophy on life to all my Pondemonium attendees so they can learn from him too they way I do. I didn’t tell him what to say but I knew whatever he was going say was exactly what my team would need to hear. Boy did he deliver!

Mike was diagnosed with a life threatening disease that stripped him of his physical strength. Until that point in his life his life was defined by his physical strength. He asked my group “how do you win when you only have a third of the chips to play with each day?” He than went on to explain his daily ritual for doing just that! I haven’t woken up a single morning since not hearing his words of wisdom echoing in my head! How valuable is that?!

Life is a matter of perspective. You think you have problems, you have challenges to overcome and than perspective slaps you up side the head. When you learn about what other people have to deal with, are up against or recovering from it makes you appreciate the now minor challenges that are in front of you. True?

My wish is that everyone would be so blessed to understand how truly blessed they are virtually regardless of their individual circumstances. Life’s 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it. Agreed? I’m inspired by seeing that motto played out by others and it fuels my personal drive and resolve to deal with the petty challenges I face daily. “Everyday above ground is a good day” is great saying that’s meaningless unless you live your life to reflect it. If you live with that perspective you might just find life a lot more doable and even enjoyable in the process. Mike Powell is a winner in life and because of that he’s making other people winners too. He does that for the kids who wrestle for him and he did that for me and my team as well. Hopefully maybe even you now too. Carpe Diem