What’s Your Marketing Habit?

One of the more impressive things I’ve seen in recent years is the traveling Techo-Bloc seminar tour; 33 cities and 10,000 attendees. To average over 300 contractors per location, who sign up and actually attend an all day seminar, in this day and age is incredible. What’s their secret? This is the seventh year in a row that Techo-Bloc has done their winter seminar tour, and each year attendance grows by 20%. Bingo! Far, far, too often companies “try” something new for their marketing efforts, and they don’t get the desired results, so they try something else…again, and again. Very, very, few companies have developed successful marketing habits that build on themselves. That’s the question for you, what are your businesses marketing habits?


Last year I decided that Aquascape was going to start a new marketing habit of creating Facebook Notes. Knowing i needed to make it a habit I assigned a day of the week to four other teammates, and picked Wednesdays for myself (which is today — hence my note.) We’ve now done five notes a week, each week for a year – all of us! That’s a marketing habit right there. Whether it’s a daily Facebook picture, our third Saturday of each month pond tours, our Friday videos or our ninth annual Chicago Flower & Garden Show starting this week, Aquascape has developed consistent marketing habits. If you want to turn frustration with your marketing efforts into fun, then develop successful marketing habits that you tweak and improve year after year.

Every March we do the Flower & Garden Show and improv.


Every Friday Aquascape up loads a training or promotional video to YouTube.


Aquascape went from one large pond tour a year to 5 smaller ones May through Sept. We get them put to bed in the winter.