The Methodical, and Repeatable, Genius

Would you like the secret to marketing success that I learned years, and years, ago? In fact, when I learned this secret, and applied it, others even called me a marketing genius. And the funny thing is all it entailed doing was doing more of what other people already were doing. The secret I learned back in 1996 was the power of a methodical, and repeatable, approach to marketing. And when I learned that I went from mailing one catalog in the spring, like pretty much everyone else, to nine catalogs throughout the year. From one print run a year of 26,000 catalogs, to three print runs a year of 3. 1 million catalogs. And, I did it year after year after year, never missing a single mailing deadline. Can you say methodical, and repeatable?!


We became the largest catalog mailer in the entire Green Industry by following a methodical, and repeatable, marketing approach.


Today, I mail a fraction of what I mailed back then. Times change, and iPods, and smart phones, get invented. But the “secret” of methodical, and repeatable, marketing doesn’t. Can you say Friday videos? Today is Wednesday, which means I’m posting my Facebook Note blog…for the 29th consecutive week!


Is genius being unique, or doing things in a methodical and repeatable fashion, from building water features, to putting on Pond Tours (3rd Saturday of every month May through September)? When it comes to building ponds, marketing, or even your operations a methodical, and repeatable approach, can’t be beat. If doing that makes you a genius than what does not doing it make you!


We used to do one big Pond Tour a year, and now we do five smaller ones. The Key is doing them consistently like the 3rd Saturday each month.