The Best Way to Learn Anything and Be Two Places at Once

Tomorrow I will be attending the bi-annual Social Media Week Conference. It’s being held in Bangalore, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos (I’m not quite sure where that is), Milan, Tokyo and New York. I will be attending the New York one but doing it from Chicago, because Everything is Changing.

I can now be in two places at once. With advances in technology and social media I can now watch live streams of the conference, chat via twitter and text with attendees who are there both physically and virtually, all from the comfort of my home or office. And if I have to hop off to speak to someone, maybe even my wife, I can always go back later and listen to the podcast; that is if the reviews from the other attendee’s twitter feeds are positive. We might not be living (yet) in a Jetson’s society but every day, and even every hour, we are getting closer. But what’s this all mean to me and even you today? For me it means my one and only week in the office, and at home, for the entire month of February can be spent in my office or home, and not in New York. For you it might mean the same thing from wherever you are at, as you too can register to attend Social Media Week. It’s free after all, unless like me you count your time as money. That’s why I’m choosing to attend remotely; something I believe is well worth my time investment.

Whether or not you choose to attend Social Media Week I have one challenge for you. Look at the agenda and read the course descriptions. That’s it, nothing more. I believe if you take me up on this challenge at least two things will happen. One, you will be very intrigued by many of the topics being presented. And secondly if you’re anything like me you will be completely overwhelmed at how much and how fast the world is changing and how woefully unprepared you and your business are to embrace it! Intrigued? Check out the agenda and see if you agree or disagree with what I’m saying. That is if you have the time. But if you don’t MAKE the time to check out the agenda I don’t want you to worry. I, along with others from my organization, am going to be attending for you. And then we are going to teach you what we learn and how you can apply it to your business. That’s exactly what Aquascape has always striven to do for those who have actually been willing to listen. Because the best way to learn anything comes from first doing it, and then to really learn it, teach others how to do it too! And speaking for myself and the organization I lead I really, really, want to learn about the most historic shift in sales and marketing in any of our lifetimes. I see nothing but endless possibilities that technology and social media are creating for your business and subsequently mine. That’s why I’m going to teach you what I learn so I can learn it better myself in the process!

Chicagomonium is a month out and sold out. But if you didn’t register because you couldn’t be in two places at once that’s ok. We’ll still be there for you sharing what we are doing at #Chicagomonium. Our sessions will be recorded and podcast too. We even are working on a live stream so indeed you too truly can be in two places at once! I would be the first to argue you would get more out of Chicagomonium if you were there. If I was in New York, live and in person with other like-minded people I’d get more out of Social Media Week too. But Everything has Changed and thank God we all have options we didn’t have before including the ability to be in two places at once. More people (by a significant number) tell me or at least themselves, that they can’t afford to be at Pondemonium every year. For every person who does come there’s ten more who would like to be there but aren’t. Something about making hay when there’s time to make hay, kid’s school and sports obligations or elderly parents who need a looking after, too. Try as I might the majority of the people I talk to about coming to Pondemonium CHOOSE not to. And until now when “Everything has Changed” I couldn’t help them. Now I can and I am thrilled! Until we “talk” again Thursday, 2/20 at the Chicagomonium Webinar I leave you with the same challenge and one more. Check out the class descriptions now at Social Media Week and tell me here how you feel about these changes and your businesses ability to embrace them. Or better yet, tell me in person at Chicagomonium.

Until I “see” you at Pondemonium (or not) Carpe Diem,

The Pond Guy