Ponds, Pond Shops and Pond People

Just like no two ponds are exactly alike either are pond shops and certainly pond people! One of the things that makes this business so fun is the unique pond people I’ve come to grow and love, and seeing how they express their individuality with their pond shops.

Each Pond company’s personality comes through in different ways!

From strip plazas to Farms the one common denominator of a Pond Shop is Passion!

Where Aqualand is a direct reflection of my personality, each store I visit is a reflection of its owner. And the one thing I’ve learned, no one style fits all, just as it should be!

Pond departments come in all shapes and sizes!

The pride each shop has in what they do comes through (some more than others)


As much as Aquascape is a franchise system without a franchise fee, and following that system for designing, selling, and building ponds will assure your success, each builder still has their own unique flair. As it is with water features, it is with retail stores. From merchandising to displays, signage to location, each place I visit has its own vibe, or lack thereof, unfortunately sometime.

I learn something new at every Pond Shop! Bamboo Heron deterrent…looks sharp!


Finding your style, and defining it, is one of the keys to whether ultimately you succeed or fail with your labor of love. And speaking of love when it comes to pond shops you can see and feel it. It comes through from a stores pores and that usually starts with your peoples. Knowledge is a good thing, warmth even better, and the combination is what matters.

Some demo ponds leave something to be desired!


So here’s a shout-out to all those one-of-a-kind mom and pop pond shops. I for one encourage your individuality. And Aquascape is going to do all it can to help you achieve “IT”.

Don’t you want to sit right down and watch a Create a Paradise video?!