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If you were to start your own personal magazine what would you call it? I could think of many cool names but one for me stands out: Carpe Diem. Seize the Day is the way I want to live life and therefore the perfect name for my personal publication. If you’re wondering what it’s going to be about, or even just what a personal magazine is, let me explain the wickedly cool Flipboard App.

Right before Christmas we re-launched an Aquascape classic, the Aquascape Lifestyles magazine. Fully digital, this online version of our defunct print publication has everything our old paper version did, plus embedded video and so much more! The Flipboard App is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, and Nook. And the best thing of all is; it’s free!

Inspired by being able to share all of the pond information we have in many places, in one location, it got me thinking: As a voracious reader, and lifetime learner, wouldn’t it be cool if I could use Flipboard to not only compile all the online articles I read and find interesting, but share them as well with anyone else interested in what I’m interested in? For me, that’s business, fitness, knowledge, inspiration, nature and fun. Or in simple terms, living life to the fullest, hence the name Carpe Diem.

So if you think you might like what I have to share, join Flipboard and type in Greg Wittstock or visit to see my magazine. Push the subscribe button after you open Carpe Diem and each week you can see the best of what I’m seeing out there in the public domains. If you’re anything like me though, when you join Flipboard you’re going to join a lot of other curators on whatever topics have a personal interest to you. Heck, maybe you too will start your own magazine. It’s easy!

Finally, because I believe it’s virtually impossible to stay up on this crazy and rapidly changing world of social media, Aquascape is launching a third Flipboard magazine called Social Splash, geared towards Green Industry owners wanting a highlighted version of how to promote their business effectively via social media. Social Splash will not only highlight the latest buzz-worthy information on the various social platforms, but also the success stories of your fellow contractors and retailers with social media. Jen Zuri, Aquascape’s own social media maven, will be keeping you up to speed on the best of the best on what business owners need to do to stay on top in today’s social world.

From Aquascape Lifestyles, to Carpe Diem, to Social Splash, we’ve embraced Flipboard as an essential tool in our tool box to reach and communicate in whole new and exciting ways with those interested in what we do. I hope you will be one of them!

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