Chicagomonium is Pondemonium minus Cabomonium equaling Shindemonium

Each winter, we head south with the most passionate water feature Contractors, Retailers and Distributors in an event we’ve dubbed Cabomonium. It’s Pondemonium on Quaaludes. All the fun, more networking, a different level of learning, and at a much, much, more relaxed pace. This winter we aren’t going to Cabo, but to Chicago for the first ever Chicagomonium. Sounds nice and cold doesn’t it?! The weather’s not the draw but the Chicago Flower Show is. So is the fun, so is the networking, so is the learning. It’s just all at a pace in-between Pondemonium, and Cabomonium, something comparable to Shindemonium.
Last week Steve Shinholser, from Premier Ponds, in coordination with his Aquascape Distributor, Turf Equipment and Supply, put on what was affectionately dubbed as Shindemonium. Shindemonium was a two day hands on build and outside classroom presentation, networking, and fun filled event for the most passionate water feature people in the world. Over 60 people from across the country made the trek to Steve’s home to see, and experience for themselves, his pond and water feature selling mojo. Steve’s the first ever contractor to give a key note presentation at Pondemonium. His talk made quite a splash and created the momentum for the first ever Shindemonium. We want to continue that momentum.
Which leads me to Chicagomonium. If you made Pondemonium or not, if you’ve made Cabomonium before or not, if you made Shindemonium last week or not, Chicagomonium is the place to be next!

On March 17th and 18th starting in Chicago and ending in St. Charles, IL, the Water Garden Capital of the World, Aquascape will be hosting the first ever Chicagomonium. Steve will be here doing more of his thing. Brian Helfrich will be here doing his Flower & Garden show thing. And the rest of the Aquascape team, from Dave Kelly and Scott Rhodes, to Ed Beaulieu and yours truly, will be here doing our things. Sound exciting? If so, mark your calendars now. The cost, the details, and the agenda will follow. But know this: It’s going to be an event strong on networking, high on fun, learning on a deeper level, and worth every penny, and then some, for anyone super committed to taking their business to the next level in 2014.

Stay tuned for details, but you have now been warned!

It’s Chicagomonium time baby!

The Pond Guy

Steve and the gang at the Crow’s Nest having coffee. How each day started in Cabo.

How each day at Cabomonium ends


Chicagomonium is Pondemonium on Quaaludes

The Shindemonium Effect


Those who sweat together, stick together