2014 the Defining Year for the Industry, Aquascape and You!

If you’re not on fire for what’s in store for your business when it comes to water features in this New Year stop reading this now, or better yet, read this blog with a highlighter! 2014 will be a defining year for the water feature industry. The economy might not be burning it up but it isn’t 2009 either. Because of 2009 and 10 and 11 for that matter, 2014 is a defining year. Out with the old and in with the new.

If you’re still building and selling water features today it means you did what many others didn’t. When the economy soured many contractors and retailers soured on so called luxury items like water features. They were right to get out, you were right to stay in. Whether the pond is half full or half empty is a matter of mindset. The mindset of those of us left in this niche industry almost to a person is the pond is half full. Indeed, that’s the only way we’ve been able to make it when others got out. But those of us who are left are the perfect ones to take this industry forward. 2014 is the year we take water features into the future and here’s how we are going to do it.

Technology, social media and reality TV. Never before has the infrastructure been in place like it is today to reach, connect and share with customers, potential customers and each other like it is today. Do you have any idea how game changing this is?! The number one dilemma for selling water features is to get people to understand what water features are in the first place. Consumers understand green grass; not waterfalls, let alone fish. But when people do, when they understand what can be done in their yards, they’re sold! The challenge has always been showing ‘em…until now.

Aquascape has more tools, more resources, more content for you to use than any other manufacturer in not just the water feature industry, but the entire green industry! From our image gallery with over 20,000 water feature photos, to our YouTube channel, Aquascape4, with almost 200 videos, to our seven Facebook pages pumping out content, to even our newly re-launched electronic magazine, Aquascape Lifestyles. If you’re not plugging into our content and sharing it regularly with your customers and potential customers, you’re really, really missing the boat in this day and age. And it’s not just customers you need to be sharing with.

With our brand new Aquascape Academy online education and training course, you can get your foreman or retail staff not only trained but certified. But the Aquascape Academy isn’t just for you and your teammates. You guessed it, it’s for your customers and potential customers too! Why not share the site with an enthusiastic new pond owner so they can learn the right way to care for their water feature? And if you have a doubting Thomas potential customer, send them to the site to get all their concerns addressed thoroughly. Bottom line, Aquascape has more resources for you, your teammates, customers and potential customers than ever before BUT you need to structure your business to take advantage of them. It’s winter, now’s the perfect time to build your strategy!

Lastly and probably most significantly, in regards to making 2014 the defining year for our industry and all of us who rely on it, is our upcoming Reality TV show. Each week tens of millions of homes will be exposed to what’s possible for theirs. Umm…can you say game changer!

From Reality TV to online training, Facebook to YouTube, never ever before has the network been in place to get our message out there to the masses. So if you’re ready to eat cake in 2014 we will provide you with all the ingredients but it’s still up to you to bake it!