There’s Always a Silver Lining

The stewardess in 1st Class (getting bumped up is a perk for a frequent flyer on an empty plane) asked me why I was headed to Seattle? “Work” I nonchalantly answered. She looked at me surprised and said, “I didn’t realize work was still happening in Seattle?!”

With a slightly nervous chuckle I let her know I was an entrepreneur and still had bills to pay (just like her employer which is losing their a** on my flight by the way!)

…as undoubtedly many businesses are as people are practicing a combination prudent precaution and mass hysteria!

Empty Plane to Seattle During Coronavirus Outbreak

There’s a craziness happening right now which I’ve never experienced in my 49 years and a storm the likes of which myself and my TEAM, have never had to navigate.

and yet the bills still need to get paid!!!

It sucks when things happen outside of your control! Welcome to life baby and in particular running a business!


If you think about that quote, it’s really what everything boils down to in the end when you have a company you’re responsible for. If everything ran smooth everyone would be their own boss and be printing money to boot! Like Cher said “if a good body came in a pill, everyone would have a good body!”

Truth be told anything worth having comes with work! The more you work something takes, the less people there are who are willing to do what it takes to achieve it!

I like that! 

I didn’t ask for Coronavirus to happen to my business. Nobody in their right mind, outside of say, maybe a surgical mass manufacturer ever would. 😷

But, now it’s here it’s up to me and my TEAM to deal with it whatever “it” is!!! Our responses to the DAILY new, unexpected and in many cases unprecedented challenges will determine how healthy Aquascapeinc stays!

Greg Wittstock The Pond Guy

The reality is I asked for this! When you sign up to run your own business you sign up for everything and anything by default including a possible fricking pandemic!!! Maybe the Government will help me (not holding my breath on that one although doing so would help them control the spread 😜) Maybe I will be told I must offer the opportunity for all my Teammates to work from home? That possibly could somewhat work for some of them but, like, who’s going ship all those products out of my warehouses?! Or deliver those products to my customers if voluntary or involuntarily measures impact interstate shipments?! Man, the more I think about it, the more royally screwed I see how I could be, all of us could be!!!


Fortunately for my own sanity I accepted a long time ago the FACT that my life is not in my control. In fact if we are being real I could have just taken a First Class ride to heaven instead of Seattle! For your own sanity please don’t panic when your grocery store runs out of T.P. (Have you ever been camping?!) Our lives might not be as comfortable, at least for awhile, as they once were, but if you look hard enough you can ALWAYS FIND A SILVER LINING IN EVERY DARK CLOUD!

Hmmm…I wonder if this Coronavirus thing will drive more people to be homebodies for awhile? Maybe they or their airlines will cancel that long scheduled Spring Break trip to Disney? Heck, maybe Mickey Mouse himself will get quarantined and the historic park itself will be closed! That could leave A LOT of sad kids and parents and A LOT of opportunities for entrepreneurs

I know the perfect liquid remedy for not just adults but kids to in a scenario like that one!

Any guesses?!

I’ll give you one hint…there’s one excited homeowner in Seattle who’s office is currently closed down because of this epidemic that’s about to get a visit from…THE POND GUY!

Mount Hood