Social Media Mania

You may have noticed Aquascape social media mayhem lately. Whether it’s one of our many Facebook pages we support, our Twitter accounts, or my personal latest craze Flipboard, Aquascape is all over it! If you’re wondering why, it’s because we’ve reached a tipping point with social media and technology and how consumers engage with it. I blogged about it here: The Most Important Blog I’ve Ever Written.

If your head is spinning from all of the options, the changes, and seemingly endless possibilities for your business, know this: The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Aquascape is here to help you succeed each step of the way.

First things first. This March 17th and 18th Aquascape is putting on a two-day Sales & Marketing event, Chicagomonium, “Creating the Future Together.” Unlike any classroom training we’ve ever done we are going to explain what platforms Aquascape is on, our strategy to succeed in them, and here’s the kicker: walk you through building your own platforms while you’re here. Taking what a presenter teaches you, and relying on the resources we provide, you will build your own social media tools and come up with a marketing template to follow for the remainder of the year. Chicagomonium is not a note taking, inspirational event like Pondemonium! It’s a working seminar we do together, assuring you will leave having accomplished something tangible. If you’re unsure of what to do next to take your business to the next level utilizing social media, register today for Chicagomonium by clicking here Chicagomonium registration . We will be hosting a conference call on Monday Feb, 10th to provide you with more details. Click here to register for the call: The Pond Guy Webinar re: Chicagomonium

Another tool to help you “eat the elephant” is our online magazine Social Splash. Aquascape created this tool for contractors and retailers interested in leveraging social media and technology for their businesses. Updated regularly with what we see as the most relevant social media and technology articles published today. Additionally we will be publishing real world examples of successful social media practices of your fellow contractors and retailers so you can see what the most innovative peers of yours are doing to apply the new ways people learn as well as learn about you! Of course to access Social Splash you need to sign up for Flipboard by clicking here: Flipboard.

My biggest fear with everything Aquascape organizationally is doing to connect, educate, and engage with you through social media is to overwhelm you for doing it on your own. We aren’t doing this to scare you but to help you. Our (ok my) enthusiasm for connecting with the world the way the new world connects is over the top! Call me a freak or whatever you want, I’m quite used to it by now BUT not having a social media strategy in 2014 will put you at a significant disadvantage in reaching consumers today. The bigger question however, is if you fail to put that strategy in place this year, how are you going reach consumers next year? The gap will only keep growing wider between old school ways of selling and marketing and the new school ways people will use to find you. Bottom line, the world has changed and it’s only going to change more and faster herein out. Do you have the corresponding energy in your business to keep pace? I do and I want you to too, hence my enthusiasm. We can either change with the world or watch it move on without us.

Aquascape is here to help you and your business stay relevant in the future.

The Pond Guy