Opposites Attract

If there’s a polar opposite of me in this world … a yin to my yang …  it just might be Flavio Ramirez. He’s loud, aggressive, and never sits still! ? As often happens, opposites complement each other and Flavio’s patience (thank God for spell check), steadiness, and artistic and technical abilities make him the perfect match for my zaniness when it comes to working together to document life at Aquascape.

Flavio Ramirez, videographer at Aquascape, Inc.

Yesterday we launched to the world wide web the first official vlog that we produced together! Although it’s my face in front of the camera, it’s Flavio’s behind everything else. He’s immensely talented at the things I’m not. Without him doing HIS thing behind the scenes, nobody would see me doing MY thing out front.

The thing that gives me the most pride is seeing a man who’s persevered at Aquascape for 10 years, steadily moving from the Customer Care center to the product team and then on to the marketing department where he quietly worked on packaging all day long. Now he’s jumping on airplanes with 24 hours’ notice and chasing me around with a camera. Together we are stoked on showing the world what this wonderful and wacky world of water features is all about!

I couldn’t think of a better partner in crime to do it with than my opposite, my man Flavio!

My new vlog …