Immigration – Harsh Reality for Today’s Business Owners

This amazes me! A single U.S. company burned through 137 American workers in one season! While it’s one example, this article brings attention to the harsh reality facing many American business owners, like myself, in today’s employee-poor climate.

The immigration situation is an impossible dilemma for all parties involved; our government, employers who rely on immigrant workers, and the immigrants themselves. Simply put, any decision that’s made to appease one group is going to have an adverse effect on another.

However, our current economy is dependent on immigrant labor – period! Everything from restaurants to hotels to the landscape trade that I’m a proud part of. All of us, and many more industries, rely on labor from immigrants who are dedicated, hardworking, and appreciative of their job. If you take these types of workers out of the equation, with the belief that Americans can and will fill their void, then we’re all going to pay the consequences.

Please read this article, watch this video, and tell me what you’re feeling. I feel sad for the many families trapped in a changing political environment. I feel empathy for all the employers at the mercy of said political environment who want to follow our country’s laws, but can’t find dedicated, hardworking, and appreciative Americans willing to fill them. And I feel appreciative that I live in a great but flawed country (can you say politics), and that I don’t have to leave my country to provide for my family. That is, of course, unless I can’t find laborers to do a portion of the work that provides a living not only for my family, but for the 100+ other families that rely on the existence of our company to make a living.

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