Getting Better Together

Getting Better Together

I walked in on this scene yesterday of once again Tony Alcala and Dave Kelly collaborating on a video shoot, this time a technical video on the new Signature 1000 skimmer.

One overwhelming thought filled me as I watched them collaborate their efforts to produce the best instructional video possible. Not only are these long time (36 years combined!) Aquascape Teammates highly competent doing their jobs, but even more so they are totally sold out for creating the perfect training tools for the world to use. They have one thing money alone can’t buy…


Nobody does it better than Aquascape because nobody CARES more about the people and industry they are doing it for than the Aquascape and it shows!

You are only as good as the people you have on your team. Tony and Dave are tops in their field. They are truly living, breathing examples of getting better together.

And in doing so they get rewarded by helping others get better together too!

Carpe Diem