Are You Number One At “Work?”

Are You Number One At "Work?"

My assistant snapped this picture of two of my younger Aquascape managers working in my office when I was away. If you were me and saw this image how would you react? Personally I love it!

The fact that these guys felt comfortable enough to lounge around my office when I was away is another sign to me our culture is on par with my mojo. The most important job I have as the CEO of Aquascape is to guide and guard our company culture. Seriously. If I can make sure our people are taken care of than they will be able to do their job and take care of our customers. Brilliant huh?! As the owner if I can focus on our people, our team, our culture than they can focus on the all so important customer. If my teammates feel like they are number one than guess what the customers will feel like when dealing with them?!

I evaluate every organization by what I observe with the culture of that organization. I believe you can tell all you will ever need to know about an organization by simply looking at the people that work for that organization. Agreed?

So what do you see with these two guys working in my office besides the one with his bare feet on my furniture? LOL! I see two young men who both started working for me before they had even met the ladies who would later become their wives. One of them has two kids now the other has his first one on the way. Both of them are considered “whiz kids” by Sr Managers in our organization because of their digital prowls and competency evolving Aquascape into the new electronic universe. And proudly they both felt comfortable enough to kick back in “the bosses office”

Would you be comfortable kicking back working in your bosses office? Unfortunately I think few people would in most organizations. Most people also aren’t happy in their jobs. To most people a job is not to be enjoyed but rather done. That’s alien to me but more so it’s just sad. Life is short and tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.

I for one want everyone who has my back on the front lines to know I have their backs on the back end. Sometimes I see that’s working in the strangest ways…like when they don’t wear any socks on my furniture!