A Winning Mindset

Cabo Guests

This week I will be hanging out with winners and getting better by default. Steve Shinholser is flying into town to meet the owner of The Fish Gallery and Tom Reber of MOTORhard will be joining us as well. I only loosely know what we will be talking about. I don’t have to know because I know enough to know I’m going to learn a lot! Here’s what I do know.

Roger owns three retail locations in Texas, designs and installs stunningly beautiful aquariums and has thirty service vehicles on the road. 30! I met Roger at an aquarium show last month when I admired his tank so much I bought it. We got to talking and both agreed we should talk some more. Tuesday and Wednesday we will be doing just that. Amongst other things he’s interested in social media; I’m interested in how he manages a fleet of thirty vehicles. I’m sure we will be discussing much, much more. I invited Steve and Tom to be part of the conversation. If you wish you could be here you will. I plan on blogging about it and even shooting some video. Stay tuned.

In January Steve and Tom will be joining me in Cabo at Cabomonium along with a whole cast of characters from both Aquascape and the Certified Aquascape Contractor network. What are we going to be talking about? Amongst other things it will be Social Media and running a service division. Truth be told, we will be talking about anything and everything! But here’s the number one thing I will be getting out of my meetings with Roger and with those who are at Cabomonium – a winning mindset! When you hang out with winners you are more likely to adopt their winning ways. It’s been said you’re income is the denominator of your five closest friends. If you want to grow your income grow your friends! Whether it’s through following their advice on a particular matter or simply through osmosis you grow when you associate with people who are successful. As every parent knows, you want your kids hanging with the good crowd. The good crowd will be in Cabo and that’s where I will be too learning with them.

In conclusion the number one thing successful people do is spend time with successful people. It’s why Steve is flying into Chicago to meet Roger. It’s why Roger is coming to see us and our operation and why I’m excited to go see him and his operation. It’s also why I asked Tom to join us and he leapt at the chance. And it’s why I invest so heavily in creating platforms like Pondemonium and Cabomonium that allow people to connect. I can’t wait for this week and I can’t wait to tell you what I learn. You become who you hang out with. Looking forward to hanging out with you by the pool in Cabo. You going?!