Passion + Commitment + Stories = Purpose

Thomas Magnelson is the world’s foremost nature photographer. I hate shopping but I always visit his studios whenever I’m in a town that has one. His eye for capturing “the shot” is second to none and the images his lens captures have given millions a glimpse into animals and environments they’d never get to experience otherwise. There’s not too many people I’d choose to switch places with on this planet but Magnelson might be at the top of my list!

Jane Goodall needs no introduction. The fact that these two are friends isn’t surprising considering she is probably the most respected champion for the environnement of our time. This week they were together on 60 Minutes.

When Goodall summarized up her friends success she talked about his passion (a word that gets thrown around a lot in describing people who are hyper dedicated to their pursuit) It’s what she said next that really struck a chord with me…

“We can never win an argument appealing to people’s heads it’s got to be to their hearts.”

TRIBE that’s a beautiful summary of why I’m so committed to Vlogging! I want to appeal to people’s hearts!!!

Yesterday’s vlog of Matt Griffin’s customer included the interview of her sharing, quite unexpectedly I might add, her surviving multiple Cancer diagnoses. Her pond and koi provided her healing! “It’s the greatest investment I ever made” she declared on camera

Stop right there. That’s the power of what WE DO!!! And with Vlogging we can tell these stories we all have that appeal not only to our hearts but those people that have no idea what “Living the Aquascape Lifestyle” means!

Do you see that?!

If you didn’t Share Matt’s Vlog with your customers and potential customers yesterday here’s the link so you can do it now

Why wouldn’t you want to be sharing two or three of your fellow CAC Vlogs to your audience each week and ideally making one of your own too??? You have people who’s lives were changed with what you did for them. You’ve done the hard work all you need to do is let them tell their stories and you’ll reach people’s hearts in the process with their words not yours! Stop trying so dam hard to appeal to their heads and start appealing to their hearts and you’ll never have to worry about selling anything ever again!

I’m so excited to finally have a tool in my hand (vlogging) to tell the stories of not just the people Living the Aquascape Lifestyle but the stories of my friends in this TRIBE that are totally dedicated to “Ponds Done Right, Customers Served Right”

Vlogging is accomplishing that in a way I’ve never been able to do before and subsequently I’m seeing the light lights going off in a way I’ve never seen before in 27 years running Aquascape!

Join me and top vloggers who appeal to people’s hearts at the Wildlife Waystation in LA June 19th and 20th. That will be the perfect place to start your vlogging journey learning how to reach people’s hearts.

Passion + Commitment + Stories = My Purpose

HELP ME, JOIN ME, and together we will…

“Change the Way the World Builds Ponds.”