My Kids Don’t Know Jack

My kids are both home on quarantine. One is a junior in high school, the other a sophomore in college. I think they think of their schools being shut down as a great opportunity … to sleep in 🙄😂

Not Jack!

He’s 17, only months away from earning his high school diploma, and today he showed up at 7am for his work at Aquascape cleaning ponds. He was planning on helping us part time until June but without school in session he’s now planning on coming to work during the day, while completing his required course work online at night.

Aquascape Fountain Installation


You see why I love Jack?! He reminds me of someone else I knew quite well at his age. 😉

With his work ethic he’s also restored, at least a little bit, my hope for the future of our society!

Jack has one thing driving him few people his age have and sadly, something some people never find – their PASSION!!!

As I’ve learned first hand with my own boys, you can’t teach passion!

My youngest punches a clock on weekends making sandwiches at a Jimmy Johns. He’s only 16, is a good student, who also trains and competes year round in sports. My oldest is a National Champion Debater for his University. They are both good kids! But despite being my kids, combined, they don’t have HALF the passion Jack does for ponds!

My boys are indeed a case of the apple falling far away from the tree. 😂

You can’t teach passion despite one’s best efforts. And although you might be able to instill (or demand) a certain level of work ethic, at the end of the day everyone has their own, natural internal thermostat that regulates how hot they run.

It always puts a smile on my face when I see someone who’s passionate about what they do, regardless of what it is they do!

My hope and prayer is both my kids passionately pursue whatever it is they they choose to do. If they don’t know Jack, they sure will need to. 💪