Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

I see an all too common pattern from people who choose to live their life stuck in neutral or even worse, heading backwards!

They blame and complain rather than do the one thing that could reverse their trajectory and propel them forward. That is, taking a hard look in the mirror and changing the only thing you can change in every single scenario…YOU!!!

It took me a full ten years to start listening to the advice of THE person who actually always had my best interest in mind…my wife! So trust me, I get how hard it is to have a hard conversation with yourself. But when the evidence is there in spades, it’s harder to keep denying that the knife permanently embedded in your back, isn’t covered in your own fingerprints!

I’ve seen far too many ex-employees, customers and sadly even family and friends, who would rather take the self destructive path of burning bridges rather than simply taking that aforementioned hard look in the mirror.

Ultimately nobody who keeps moving forward is able to deny their own image in the mirror.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall