Meet Charles of Master Cares

“If you can’t see it, before you see it, you’ll never see it” ~Dr Jack Graham

That quote is the foundation for the creation of one of the most amazing ministries I’ve ever witnessed!

~ A school that educates 550 students
~ A hospital that’s the only one within 50 kilometers and the only surgical center for 100!
~ A Vocational Training Center teaching sewing to girls who would have no other steady source of income…other than prostitution
~ A Farming Education that rewards participants with chickens, a pregnant pig and eventually a life changing cow upon graduation
~ Two water wells a month dug in communities that were sharing their drinking water with livestock

…all created since 2013!!!

Charles Loper is the personification of a visionary! He is the definition of seeing it before you see it! And he is my new hero!

At age 68 he first ventured to Uganda from Dallas and saw first hand the overwhelming needs of the people there. He went home and decided he needed to go back and do something. He made the body and mind numbing 24 hr journey every two weeks, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!

As I said, I have a new hero 💪

We never really know what ministry’s to support with so many out there that report doing much needed work. Take it from me, Master Cares truly cares about the people it was established to serve!

The Wittstock family will be sponsoring a child for 90 dollars a month. That provides their food, housing and a top flight education. You can sponsor one for as little as 60 dollars.

You too can support this AMAZING Ministry that’s changing a community with the goal of changing a nation simply by visiting

Charles at Master Cares