Let the Past Be the Past

I’m not very talented at very many things. However, there’s two areas of my life I’m fairly decent at.

One, I DON’T hold onto negative thoughts and two, I ALWAYS listen to my wiser better half.

Unfortunately on both fronts I see far to many people who would benefit from letting the past be the past and of course heeding their spouses perspective (as irritating as it may seem at the time).

If indeed you’re unhappy with your lot in life, may I suggest you let your past slip through your fingers just as easily as a perfectly thrown Tom Brady pass did yesterday to “sure handed” Julian Edelman!

Edelman’s ill fated gaff lead to an interception and the go ahead score for the surging Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

However, every TEAM takes on the personality of its Coach and Julian has the good fortune to play for one of the orneriest, but also winningest, Coaches of all time!

Bill Belichick is infamous for not posing with his first Championship trophy, declaring it to be in his past! Is it any surprise than that he coaches his players to allow their past to be just that…their past?!

Edelman proved soon after, that he’s a product of that mentality! History now shows he became just the latest key piece in Tom Brady’s (the G.O.A.T.) surgical overtime drive that dismantled the favored Chiefs!

I might be using a football analogy here but make no mistake this is very much a life lesson for us all! Simply put, winners don’t allow the failures of their past to occupy space, rent free, in their brains!

“You can’t stop birds from flying overhead but you damn well can stop them from building nests in your hair!!!”

With that established here’s a question for anyone who’s unhappy…

“How much are you allowing your past (good or bad) to get in the way of your future?!

Reliving your glory years or dwelling in your previous shortcomings has kept many a man, TEAM, business, school, family, you name it, in a vicious cycle of futility and failure!!!

Winners focus on where they want to go not where they’ve been! Your attitude determines your altitude. If you’re unhappy with where you’re at, change the the stories you’re telling yourself, and get ready to hoist the trophy on high!

Go Rams!

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