Let Him Who Is Sinless Cast the First Stone

He’s 22, a multi millionaire and good looking. That alone is enough to endeavor HATE! Add to the mix his “shock jock” content and one big self acknowledged blunder and you have an ideal recipe for a barrage of backlash!

Here’s the thing though…I’ve worked with Logan Paul and found him to be the polar opposite of his public persona! He’s unbelievably charismatic, genuine, self effacing and quite intelligent (he got a full academic scholarship and was studying Engineering before achieving fame and fortune creating Vine videos).

Logan Paul with the Pond Guy, Greg WittstockHere’s the point of my point. Even if Logan (or anyone for that matter) was as big of a douche as some in society deem them WHY throw gasoline on a ? by pointing it out?!

As Logan points out in the end Cyber-Bullying accomplishes nothing positive for anyone!

Hurt people hurt others. Is Logan perfect? He, as me, would be the first to declare they most certainly aren’t! Instead of hate let’s offer grace to others who we may feel may not be as flawless as ourselves.

Click here to watch Logan Paul’s “Mean Tweets” video.