It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost than to Never Have Loved at All!

He’s at peace and so am I! I’m so grateful our entire family was with him when he peacefully exhaled his last breath. With tears filling all our eyes I stared him right in his eyes telling him over and over and over again he was a good boy and he was loved!

He’s at peace so so am I

He was our dog and we were his people. There will never be another Buckeye! He will be the only dog my boys had the blessing to grow up with. He was loved by so so so many having made the daily trip to Aqualand where he literally knew the fastest route between cubicles to the kind of treats he’d never get at home ?

He was spoiled rotten and he earned every bit of spoilage with his sweet demeanor and loving, snuggling nature!

I can’t believe he’s gone. I can’t understand why dogs, with their unconditional love, something we all crave, only get to live a fraction of our lives! Still, today I’m feeling blessed for every moment and the endless memories made throughout his too short life. He was, most certainly, an integral part of the Wittstock clan!

I never believed I could love another dog as much as I loved Pippi (2001) Then along came Buck! No doubt, in due time I will love again. However, forever I will have FB Memories from the hundreds of posts I’ve made of my boy through the years!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers knowing what Buckeye was battling. I’m certain, just like he did every time I walked in the door, he’ll be the first to enthusiastically greet me on the other side.

Buckeye the Dog